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The 2022 New Year party of Huakai Group came to a successful conclusion.

At the beginning of the New Year, a new spring is coming to us. Thanks to everyone's enthusiasm, care and cultivation, our Huakai Group has begun to take shape. In this crisp autumn season, we ushered in the company's annual meeting.


At the same time, today is also the birthday of our CEO, which can be described as double happiness. The New Year's party has begun with our CEO's speech.

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The funny game + lucky Lottery, which brought the atmosphere of the whole party to the top, and everyone enjoyed the process.

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The game ended as the form of awards, and the family dinner time of Huakai coming . Before the family dinner, everyone sent birthday wishes to the CEO.blew candles together, ate cake and delicious food on the table, and talked about next year's plan and dreams.

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Finally:wish you all the best in the Year of the Tiger.

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