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Information description:

1. The product mark shall include the following contents:

Product specification, product quantity, quality grade, guarantee period, manufacturer and its address, standard number, etc.

Product specifications are indicated below:

Shadow edge: thickness (mm) * width (mm) / color edge width (mm) * length (m)

Transparency: thickness (mm) * width (mm) * length (m)

2, packing:

The PVB film is separated by PE film, wrapped with aluminum foil and placed in the wooden box. The qualified products should be accompanied by a certificate of quality, a quality feedback card and a packing list of products.

3, transportation:

The course of transportation shall not be subjected to sun, rain or severe vibration.

4, storage:

Products should be stored in a clean warehouse environment, environmental temperature storage, strictly prohibited direct sunlight on the product, packaging broken or opened, should be stored at 20 degrees C + 5 degrees, relative humidity 20% - 40% environment.

5, shelf life:

Keep the packing intact, at ambient temperature, for two years.

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